Coach Kerry became involved in gymnastics at 2 years old and stuck with it for 18 years. She fell in love with the sport because of the challenges it brought and the successes that came out of them. Kerry began to compete when she was 10 years old for American Academy, then continued to compete for New Trier High School and UW-La Crosse. During high school and college, she gained experience as a coach for children of different ages. The coaches she has had in all of her years as a gymnast has positively impacted her through discipline and encouragement. As a coach, she feels it is important to influence the gymnasts at Viking Gymnastics in a similar way.

Currently, Kerry is planning on becoming a physical therapist. She graduated from UW-La Crosse with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish. She hopes to work with children in her future career as a PT because of the resiliency she sees each day in the gym that can also be seen in a clinical setting. Their enthusiasm can be incredibly contagious in which they create an energizing environment that she enjoys being a part of as a coach.