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WGN Stops By Viking Gymnastics and Dance!

WGN Stops By!

By Ashlyn Kershner



The WGN van pulls into the parking lot first thing in the morning.

Back in November, WGN Studios dropped by Viking Gymnastics and Dance for their “Around Town” segment. They visited the week of Thanksgiving, when we had many camps and other fun things taking place. Correspondent Ana Belaval spoke to Charlie about her roots and her vision for Viking as well as to April about our thriving tots’ program. Ana was able to observe our gymnastics day camp, team practices, and dance classes, even participating in some!


Why did WGN Choose to Visit Viking?

WGN is a leading news network in Chicago’s, and “Around Town” is one of their more popular segments. In “Around Town”, Ana visits places of interest around the city, reporting on their history, mission, and other fun things about the place. For Viking, that meant talking about our wide variety of programs with lots of fun footage of gymnasts and dancers and Ana having fun with the classes! The segment aired on Tuesday, November 28 during several news hours throughout the day, each covering different bits of footage from the network’s visit.

Ana in dance class

Ana joins in a hip hop class!




What Happened during the Visit?

Charlie gets a mic

The WGN crew hooks Charlie up to a microphone.

In the clips from the segment, you can see Ana in full Viking attire swinging on a high bar and sticking her landing with a big gymnastics stretch, footage of the boys’ and girls’ gymnastics teams practicing on floor, beam, and the boys’ events, Ana’s interview with Charlie about Viking’s story and mission to be inclusive to every possible entry into the worlds of gymnastics aand dance, and her interview with April about the importance of mobility training like our tots’ classes to early childhood development in all areas, not just mobility. We then see Ana participating in a hip-hop class and talking to Charlie about the Viking’s dance program, while Viking Dance director Lynn’s classes practices in the background. Finally, Ana reluctantly climbs into the giant hamster wheel in the gym to be rolled back and forth by Dan and Angie, everyone laughing delightedly, with our gymnastics day camp hard at work and play in the background. It was truly a delightful morning with WGN, and hopefully it’s led more people to check out our facilities and programs. As Charlie says in the clip, we’ve got something for everyone at Viking!

Ana and Charle

Ana and Charlie pose for a picture after their fun and successful interview.


Check out the full series of clips!