Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics

Viking gymnasts have the option to participate in USA Gymnastics (USAG) or Amateur Athletic Union Gymnastics of Illinois (AAU GIJO) sanctioned competitions. Having more than one program to choose from, at both the compulsory and optional levels, allows us to find the best fit for your child.

Being a competitive gymnast requires a commitment by the entire family, therefore entry into this program must be agreed upon by the Viking coaching staff, you, and your child. The process of becoming a competitive gymnast creates young ladies and gentlemen that are a head above their peers athletically and in countless other arenas.


Illinois coaches created the GIJO program in order to provide an alternate experience to USAG where every child can feel like a winner! Being a GIJO competitor provides numerous rewarding experiences to all those that participate.

GIJO members are required to practice a minimum of six hours per week. Good attendance is important for building strength and endurance and to ensure safety and success.

High School aged gymnasts may compete in GIJO competitions during the off-season to gain more experience.


USAG Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics competitions are held throughout the country. USAG provides a training system with progressively advanced levels of competition: from compulsory up to the Elite Level. The level requirements of USAG are more stringent than those required by GIJO.

USAG members are required to practice a minimum of nine hours per week, which increases as they progress through the level system.