Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How will gymnastics benefit my child?

There are many articles written on the benefits of gymnastics. Gymnastics can provide your child with numerous physical benefits regardless of their age or ability.  Gymnastics will help increase strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.  Gymnastics provides cognitive benefits as your child has to visualize the skill in order to be able to do it. Gymnastics provides character benefits as it promotes discipline, determination, courage, and self-confidence. The list of benefits goes on….

Q – Is gymnastics safe?

With proper instruction gymnastics is a very safe sport.  Viking Gymnastics promotes an environment of safety and respect for the sport of gymnastics.  We are dedicated to making sure that the fundamental foundation skills are taught to our gymnasts and follow a program that allows for the progression of skills.  All physical activity involves an inherent risk of injury.  We have developed our curriculum to prevent injuries.  By continuously repeating basic skills, more difficult skills can be added safely.

Q – How do I know what level to start my child?

Most Viking gymnasts will begin at the Purple level.  If your child has previous gymnastics experience, please call and we can schedule an evaluation to see what level your gymnast should be placed at. Viking Gymnastics continuously evaluates our gymnasts and advances those that gain new skills to the next level class.  Every child works at their own pace, some children will progress more quickly than others based on their individual skill set.

Q – How many levels are there?

At the recreational level, your daughter will progress through the following classes: Purple, Silver, Gold, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Upon completion of Level 3 we will discuss what options are available for your gymnast.  Your son will progress through Purple, Silver and then Gold level classes.  After they progress through our Gold level we will discuss what options are available.

Q – What makes Viking Gymnastics different from other clubs?

At Viking Gymnastics the focus is on the student and their needs.  We keep our coach-student ratio small so that our gymnasts are constantly active and moving.  While each coach has their own individual style of teaching, the core curriculum remains constant.  We feel it is important to teach not only the skills of gymnastics but to help foster a love of the sport.

Q – What is the best age to start my child in gymnastics?

Any age!  As a parent, you know your child best and you know what they can handle.  Viking Gymnastics offers classes from walking to 18 years of age.

Q – What do students do in a class?

Each class follows our curriculum which has it’s foundation in developing basic gymnastics body positions and skills.  Your gymnast will warm up their body at the beginning of class and then depending on the class, move to one of three different rotations on the equipment.  In higher level classes, the gymnasts’ will also have conditioning period.

Q – How do I know when my gymnast is ready to move up?

Gymnasts are continuously being evaluated during their classes.  Each gymnast will progress at his or her own rate.  When your gymnast has mastered the skills required to advance to the next level, the floor manager will notify the gymnast/parent so that you can check with our registration desk regarding changing classes.

Q – What equipment does my child need to do gymnastics?

We have all of the equipment that your child will need at the gym!  And if your child is in our tot program – we have equipment that is just their size!

Female gymnasts in our recreational classes will train on the four apparatus’ that women compete on in Olympic Competition – The Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise.

Male gymnasts in our recreational classes will train on the six apparatus’ that men compete on in Olympic Competition – Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar.

Click here for additional information about equipment.

Q – What should my child wear to gymnastics?

Girls should wear a gymnastics leotard and may wear gymnastics-style shorts with their leotard. Hair shoulder length or longer must be tied with a plain hair tie to keep away from the face and behind the head. No jewelry should be worn into the gym. All ear piercings should be removed prior to class. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, and dangling earrings must be left at home.

Boys should wear a t-shirt and gym shorts. No loose shorts, zippers, snaps, buttons are allowed.

All students are barefoot in the gym. Students should place all other clothing including shoes, socks, sweaters, coats, etc. in a cubby in our cubby area.

Q – Is there a fee to be a part of Viking Gymnastics Club?

There is a $25 annual membership fee for an individual gymnast, $50 for a family membership of 2 or more children.  The annual membership fee is based on when you join the gym and is in effect for 12 continuous months.

Q – How is tuition billed?

Tuition is billed on a monthly basis.  You are required to have a credit card on file that will be charged on the first of the month.  If you do not wish to have your tuition charged to your card, you will need to pay the tuition for the upcoming month via a different method prior to the first of the month.

Q – What happens if a class is missed?

Viking Gymnastics allows for one excused absence per month.  Additional absences are not the responsibility of Viking Gymnastics.  As long as you are current on your tuition, your space is reserved in that class. You may receive an Open Gym pass for a missed class.  If space is available, your child may make-up a class within 30 days of the absence.  Please note that we will NOT overbook a class to accommodate another students absence.  Viking Gymnastics does not issue credit for missed classes.

Q – Is there a fee to change classes?

The only time that there is a fee to change a class is if a gymnast has moved to a level where the class meets for a longer time than the class the gymnast is advancing from.  There is no fee to change class if it is at the same level however, it is all dependent on if there is space available.

 Q – Inclement Weather Days

In the event of inclement weather, we will post if we are closing either in the “Announcements” section on the first page of our website, on our Facebook page, or you may call the gym.  We do not follow any specific school district closings.

All students participating in any Viking Gymnastics Programs are required to have a signed release form on file.  You may download a copy of the release form here.