Viking Gymnastics and Dance for Tots

Tot Dance Classes Overview

Viking Dance has generous offerings for our tiniest dancers! We believe dancing at a young age enhances early childhood development in several key ways. Our Tot Dance classes enhance coordination/balance, improve rhythm/musicality, engage critical listening and social skills, and provide structure in a playful and engaging environment. Tot classes are open level, based on age, and are designed to provide a solid foundation for dancers to develop creative autonomy and confidence in a fun and nurturing environment.

Children are registered in the class that is appropriate for each child based on their age by September 1st.

Parent & Tot Dance

Walking to 2 Years
This class is a fantastic opportunity for any parent/caregiver to experience the joy of interacting and assisting their child in a semi-structured class that promotes bonding through creative play. An Instructor will lead the class through a variety of basic locomotor and axial based movements, incorporate singing and rhythmic activities, and occasionally parachute play. This is a great class for children to take their first steps and for parents/caregivers to share in the journey.

Creative Movement

Ages 3 Years Through Pre-Kindergarten
Creative movement classes will focus on developing a young dancer’s motor skills by incorporating a variety of games and activities to enhance their axial and locomotor coordination in a safe, structured environment. Creative movement classes employ your child’s critical, creative, and improvisatory thinking skills while teaching basic listening skills, following directions, and pre-ballet dance vocabulary. In lieu of a recital, dancers in creative movement class will have an in-studio performance the last class of the session.

Tiny Tot Ballet

Ages 3 Years Through Pre-Kindergarten
Tiny Tot Ballet for our 3-4 years old focus on introducing your tiny dancer to the classical art form and technique of Ballet with an accessible, fun, and safe training system. Classes incorporate imagery, imagination, and movement games during warm-ups and cool downs. Emphasis is placed on beginning/age-appropriate flexibility exercises, vital locomotor and axial skills, basic ballet movements and terminology, and introduction to positions of the feet/arms.

Tiny Tot Hip Hop

Ages 3 Years Through Pre-Kindergarten
Tiny Tot Hip Hip is our earliest introduction to the style of Hip Hop. Class encourages tiny dancers to move with personality and style! Emphasis is on developing confidence, coordination, rhythm and musicality through fun and energetic choreography. Focus is on building a basic introduction to isolations, easy step patterns, symmetrical and asymmetrical movement, traveling locomotor steps and dancing through spatial levels. Dancers will learn age appropriate beginning Hip Hop steps to clean music in a fun, party like atmosphere! 

Kinder Tot Classes Overview

Kindergarten Students Ages 5 and 6 Years
Our Kinder Tot dance series offer class options in a wider variety of genres to introduce dancers to more movement styles and to help them develop their dance interests. These classes emphasize developing and improving basic alignment, balance, control, and flexibility while introducing these concepts in set dance combinations. Kinder Tot classes prepare dancers to transition to our longer instructional classes.

Kinder Ballet

Kinder Ballet is the perfect pre-ballet training before entering the instructional-leveled classes. Kinder Ballet is an open level class where emphasis is placed on beginning/age-appropriate flexibility exercises, reinforcement and expansion of basic ballet movements and terminology, basic positions of the feet/arms, basic alignment and posture, beginning traveling and across the floor steps/vocabulary. Classes also focus on learning short dance combinations and incorporate introductory movement at the barre to help dancers prepare for advancement to upper level classes.

Kinder Jazz

Kinder Jazz is a fantastic precursor to our instructional Jazz classes featuring energetic rhythm and musicality. Classes will utilize isolations, and focus on upper/lower/left/right body coordination with arm/footwork patterns both stationary and traveling across the floor. Basic mechanics for leaps and turns will be introduced. Emphasis is on developing stage presence and confidence while also introducing basic alignment and posture elements from Ballet and Modern.

Kinder Hip Hop

Kinder Hip Hop encourages personality and style and is a great springboard into our Instructional level classes. Dancers will learn age appropriate beginning Hip Hop steps to clean music in a fun, party like atmosphere! Technical emphasis is on developing rhythm and musicality, precision, moving with power, and improving and coordination through rhythmic homolateral and contralateral patterning. We also preserve the integrity of Hip Hop by teaching technical styles and skills while students learn age appropriate choreography to clean music!

Combo Classes

Viking Combination classes feature two dance genres blended into one cohesive class. Combination classes divide the time equally between both genres to introduce students to basic technique and movement combinations in differing but complementary styles. These classes are a great way for dancers to get a “taste” of multiple genres without taking several classes, and also helps dancers investigate their movement interests to ultimately find the styles that are the most fun for them.