Viking Gymnastics and Dance Instructional Gymnastics


All technique classes are cumulative throughout the year, allowing dancers to progress in technical exercises and skills. Classes culminate in the annual end of year recital, which serves as a performance opportunity for dancers to set long-term goals, showcase their skill development, build their confidence, and share their accomplishments over the year with family and friends. Participation in the recital is optional, but highly encouraged.

Viking’s leveling system enhances each dancer’s classroom experience by placing them where they will learn, grow, and excel the most. Class age groupings are Tiny Tot (ages 3-4), Kinder Tot (ages 5-6), Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6 and Grades 7+. Level groupings are: 
Purple: recommended for Beginners/Advanced Beginners (0-2 yrs experience)
Silver: recommended for Intermediate dancers (at least 2 yrs prior experience or by instructor evaluation/recommendation) 
Gold (Advanced): recommended for Advanced dancers (3+ years experience or by instructor evaluation/recommendation).

Our Ballet program incorporates training techniques derived from classical French, Italian and Russian methods. Emphasis is on developing proper alignment, balance, flexibility, control of extensions, and quality of movement. Equal emphasis is placed on deepening students’ knowledge of anatomy, classical ballet vocabulary and stage presence.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is a fun, energetic class with a party like atmosphere that incorporates weight shifts, footwork patterning, floor work and introductory break dancing skills. Technical emphasis is placed on rhythm/musicality and qualitative dynamics. Classes incorporate a variety of sub styles including but not limited to: locking, popping, tutting, waving, whacking, stepping, etc.

Jazz classes fuse ballet and modern technique blending a variety of styles (contemporary jazz, modern jazz, classical jazz) and utilize isolation, low center of gravity, clear body lines, energetic and upbeat rhythm and musicality. Emphasis is on developing stage presence and quality dynamics alongside proper alignment mechanics.

Lyrical classes are a fusion of ballet, modern, and jazz technique. Classes emphasize energetic and qualitative dynamics, rhythm/musicality, balance/extension control, flexibility and proper alignment mechanics. Focus is on interpreting the lyrical meaning within the music through expressive, performative storytelling.

Tap classes will focus on rhythm and musicality while enhancing clarity of movement through footwork/step combinations utilizing articulation of the toe, ball, and heel. Emphasis is placed on weight shifting, complex sound patterns, quality dynamics, and expressivity of the upper body.

Musical Theater
Love Broadway? Bring the stage to the studio with this theatrical jazz class emphasizing character, stage presence, facial expressions, energetic and animated movement as well as choreographic sequences to some of Broadway’s most beloved and age appropriate musical numbers. Great for actors, singers and dancers alike! Class is open level. Wear comfortable athletic clothing that permits movement. Jazz shoes or bare feet required. 

Viking offers two types of programming: Genre Specific and Combination classes. Genre Specific technique classes focus on only one style of dance during the scheduled class time. Genre Specific classes include more in depth training for dancers highly interested in learning and excelling in a specific style. Combination classes divide the class time between two separate genres, allowing dancers to gain exposure in multiple styles and techniques. All classes will perform one recital routine per class in the annual recital.

Please remember that all students progress at their own rate. Practice, patience, persistence, positivity and passion are the five P’s toward successful progress. Consistent attendance in class and repetitive practice are proven to accelerate progress, but important factors for growth in the classroom are also attitude and focus. Encourage your dancer to have fun, but also approach every class as an opportunity to learn and excel. Instructor feedback helps every dancer grow within their technique, and dancers are encouraged to value instructor feedback and apply corrections sincerely.